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Contact Us

Prickly Paradigm Press, LLC
5751 S. Woodlawn Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60637

Prickly Paradigm welcomes correspondence. Please address all inquiries concerning manuscript submissions to the executive editor.


Please address all inquiries for translation rights and reproduction rights to the associate editors.

Desk Copy Requests

All requests for desk copies should be made to the University of Chicago Press:

The University of Chicago Press
Chicago Distribution Center
11030 South Langley Avenue
Chicago, IL 60628 USA

For more information on desk copies, please visit the University of Chicago Press website.

Course Use Requests

To purchase the rights to use any of our materials in your course or other academic program, please go to the Copyright Clearance Center marketplace.

Want to use our materials?

Submit a manuscript

Authors interested in submitting manuscripts for consideration should initially send a 1,000-word proposal, preferably in the body of an e-mail, to the executive editor. The proposal should detail the topic and main argument of the piece. It should also include a list of potential audiences and marketing considerations. If a proposal is successful, the Press will then ask to review the manuscript in its entirety. Unsolicited full-length manuscripts will not be considered.

Authors are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with one or more of our existing publications before submitting a proposal.


Please also keep in mind when preparing a proposal and/or manuscript:

  • We do not generally publish manuscripts over 30,000 words

  • We do not publish manuscripts with extensive citations and footnotes

  • We do not publish fiction

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